Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Paragliding Pre World Cup at Bir-Billing

Paragliding Pre World Cup at Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh, India
24th to 30th October 2013

   Pre PWC India / Indian Nationals 2013 being held at Bir/Billing In Himachal Pradesh, north India  from the 24th to the 30th of October 2013, with the first day being a practise day and a short task on the last day before the closing ceremony.  
   Billing is a fantastic site and is renowned as THE spot to fly in October and November, and also very consistent at this time of the year, with the South facing Dhauladhar range stretching for 70 km on each side, the plains in front with plenty of safe landing options, light winds and great thermals it doesn’t get much better.
   We welcome you to come and participate, and discover this beautiful corner of the world, there is no better way to fully appreciate the immense beauty of these mountains than flying amongst them with your friends.
   We are also happy to announce that we will have cash prizes for the event, first overall being over 3300 euros !!!, for the prize details check the event info page.
  • There will be a helicopter on standby during the duration of the comp.
  • Ambulances with full medical team on takeoff and landing.
  • A 25 person mountain rescue team will be on standby for the duration of the comp.
   There will be no restriction for Free flying at Bir-Billing during the period of the competition, just the usual rules that launch will be closed to the public during the takeoff window.

Pre PWC India / Indian Nationals 2013

Location: Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA
Date: 24th to 30th October 2013
Discipline: Paragliding - Cross Country
Category:   Pre World Cup
Recognised by WORLD CUP
Number of participants: 90 + 10 (Wild Card Entry) Pilots (30 reserved for Indian Pilots)

Entry Requirements

  • Valid pilot license
  • Valid FAI sporting license
  • Medical insurance covering paragliding and helicopter rescue (proof will be checked at competition registration)
  • Third party liability insurance covering paragliding (proof will be checked at competition registration)
  • Unmodified certified paraglider
  • Helmet, reserve
  • Radio 2m

Entry fee

Pre PWC India / Indian Nationals 2013
Entry fee is 120 €
(free entry for  WPRS top 50 pilots)
Entry fee includes
  • Results processing
  • Transportation to take-off
  • Retrieves
  • GPS coordinates, map of the area
  • Lunch packet
  • Dinner at the Taragarh Palace
  • T-shirt
  • Big closing party and dinner
  • Free Wi-Fi at the HQ
  • 3 Dinner parties
  • Free Activated local SIM Card

Prize money

Pre PWC India / Indian Nationals 2013
1st Prize
 2nd Prize
3rd Prize
250,000 INR
200,000 INR
150,000 INR
Indian Class
110,000 INR
90,000 INR 
70,000 INR
Women Class
75,000 INR
65,000 INR
55,000 INR
Sport Class
75,000 INR
65,000 INR
55,000 INR
Best Newcomer
40,000 INR

( INR = Indian Rupee)
1 EURO = approx. 75 INR 

For More Detail Contact:- 

Suresh Kumar Thakur
Events coordinator
Mob No. - +91 9418046580  


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  4. Well this pre world cup is taking a great step towards the World Cup.That is going to held in next year 2015.But many things need to be in mind.Mostly about rescue department and transport services.Every year,Foreigners and other visitors have many complaints from Government services for paragliding.This is making a bad effect on our tourism Department .But next year ,hoping well from Government.After all this is a great opportunity or must say a great pride for state Government.